The large, highly transparent acrylic with full color and silver special printing that reflects light and sparkles is diamond-cut on the sides and polished. White silk screen printing on front and back. In addition, the surface contains a logo and a duplicate signature.

FILMIC ART that changes its expression depending on the color of the light

If you shine a white light like a fluorescent lamp, the illustration itself will be attractive. Special printing that enhances the sparkle when exposed to orange light.

Comes with a bracket that allows you to choose from two installation methods.

・Metal fittings for hanging from the ceiling ・Metal fittings for placing on the floor or table

The above two types of fittings are included as standard.

Large size of 60cm x 45cm

Printing is applied to large acrylic to the last minute of metal fittings.

With serial number

A different number is printed one by one.


Duplicated signatures are printed in white ink for silk screen printing, which is durable, weather resistant, and scratch resistant.

silk screen printing

In addition to full color + silver, white silk screen printing is applied to both sides. As a result, the colors are more beautiful and the white print on the front casts a shadow to create a three-dimensional logo and sign.

special cosmetic box

Comes in a special cosmetic box exclusively for FILMIC ART. (Delivery box is further put in a cardboard box)

Filmic art list

Please see the FILMIC ART special page .