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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Ever since the production of EXTRA2 was decided, I have been looking forward to the day when I could play it. In a word, it was amazing, too amazing. I never thought that I would be able to experience more than the excitement I felt on the Aokana Misaki route again. It's one of my favorite games I've ever played and the one that made me cry the most. Thank you very much!
— Mr. Chikara
Customer reviews
It was a lot of fun to see not only Mashiro but also other heroines and other characters in action. I can't stop grinning just remembering the date with the main Mashiro. It was a work that I would like to recommend to people who like pure white and aokana fans.
— Mr. Harunoto
Customer reviews
Full marks. No complaints. I can really sympathize with Misaki's anguish that continues from the previous work. There are very few characters that I can empathize with. In addition, the depiction of FC has evolved significantly from the previous work. It's a masterpiece. Goosebumps didn't stop in any game. Perfect integration of text, CG and music. Aokana showed me how a novel game can be so attractive if it is made perfectly. We will continue to support sprite! !
— Millie
Customer reviews
I was very happy when it was released because it was a story of a character I especially like! Even now, it's interesting no matter how many times I play it through the series. From now on, I would like to see various stories, such as individual stories like Mashiro and Misaki, and alternate routes!
— Sai-san
Customer reviews
hot. Anyway, there was passion, conflict, friendship, and love. The Misaki route is not only about FC's strategy, but also the extremely hot development of the game part that uses it as a stepping stone. Even in EXTRA2, the charm was alive and well. It's already beyond the realm of mere games. I will probably never forget the work Aokana and the impression it gave me.
— Seryu
Customer reviews
It was the best work for Mashiro! Mashiro, who practiced FC in the main part of Aokana and cooking in this work without giving up even if she was clumsy and did not go well, looked very brave and cute. From the beginning to the end, I was very happy to see Mashiro working hard for his favorite person! It was warm to hear that not only Mashiro but also the other characters cared about Mashiro.
— Hallucigenia


The large, highly transparent acrylic with full color and silver special printing that shines by reflecting light is diamond-cut on the sides and polished.
White silk screen printing on front and back. In addition, the surface contains a logo and a duplicate signature.



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